MEDIALON-LOGO (569x211)Medialon announces MxMVideroMediaPlayer, a new device driver plugin that makes it easy for Medialon control systems to communicate with and synchronize shows to video playback from VideroMediaPlayer.

The plugin communicates with VideroMediaPlayer software over the network, allowing Medialon systems to play Channels, Playlists, and Compositions, as well as jump to the next or previous Composition, change the player’s audio volume, and of course stop playback.

Videro Compositions can transmit Timecode via the network to the Medialon system for frame-accurate synchronization of Medialon timelines to Videro media playback, which is particularly useful in 4D cinema applications.

“Videro media playback and Medialon control systems are both used in many of the same kinds of applications, including retail, hospitality, exhibits, and attractions,” said Eric Cantrell, Medialon’s North American Sales Manager. “Tighter integration between Medialon and Videro brings the industry one step closer to the Internet of AV.”

MxMVideroMediaPlayer can be downloaded fromĀ For more information about VideroMediaPlayer, visitĀ


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