top_or-e1454045929104SEGA LIVE and Edwards Technologies recently opened a second location for Orbi, SEGA’s entertainment-based project in Osaka, Japan.

ETI was involved in every phase as they ideated and orchestrated the audio/video experience in their role as the primary attraction systems designer and systems integrator for all aspects of the Orbi Osaka attraction. The Osaka facility, which held its Grand Opening to the public on January 29 of 2016, represents the next generation of ETI’s Internet of AV approach to multi-sensory attraction design and systems integration.

Building upon concepts first explored with Orbi Yokohama in 2013,  ETI has further enhanced their already advanced systems design and implementation. By utilizing a more comprehensive integration with its Videro operating system at Orbi Osaka,  ETI has dramatically increased the attraction’s ease and efficiency in delivering spectacular imagery and sound. This advancement will inform and impact many large scale multi-sensory location based offerings in the future.

The original goal set forth during the imagining of the second Orbi site was to reduce infrastructure, integration, and maintenance costs for the entire attraction while simultaneously increasing flexibility in the creative process. Since the completion of the Orbi’s inaugural Yokohama facility, ETI worked with its technology partners to streamline the process of the content delivery, presentation, control, and data gathering systems that comprise the Orbi Universe.

Orbi Osaka is a culmination of design synergies and smart technologies that allow simple daily operation and maintenance of complex functions. ETI was also able to offer its client cost effective solutions for bringing the facility online and reduce the amount of high level technical personnel that are required to be onsite to commission the attraction.

ETI’s Internet of AV approach to the development of the Orbi Osaka Attraction has allowed Sega Live Creation to continue to push the Orbi Concept to higher levels and deliver truly captivating experiences to new audiences. Orbi Osaka is Sega Live Creation’s first licensed facility of the Orbi concept to be brought online. ETI is currently in the fabrication and planning phase for the 2nd licensed offering of the Orbi Concept that will be located in Dubai.