Quiksilver has been the premium youth lifestyle and culture clothing brand within the action sports market for over 40 years. Their competition has seen this and tried to emulate them, making it more difficult for Quiksilver to differentiate their brand in the market place. Our challenge was to make visiting a Quiksilver store not only an experience, but one worth remembering.


We designed an experience within the Quiksilver stores that draws consumers in and encourages them to stay and enjoy themselves. We integrated sixteen 46 inch screens on the back wall, which together form an impressive 182 inch screen where people can relax on a couch and enjoy premium action sports content. We also integrated screens on each face of the pillars within the store. There were three pillars that make their way to the back of the store. We produce custom content from their brand product campaigns that travels from pillar to pillar until it finally reaches the big screen in the lounge. One of the favorite experiences is a surfer riding a wave from pillar to pillar sparking curiosity.

Rear wall


An immersive lifestyle experience that increases brand loyalty, while differentiating the Quiksilver stores from others in the marketplace.