We are living in the Age of the Customer (Trademark) (Credit Jim Blasingame). You cannot own a customer. Instead you have to get to know your customer and interact with them in significant ways. If you want to succeed in this new era, you must alter your perspective and envision your brand through the consumer’s eyes. Why? Because Customer Experience directly correlates with the decision to re-engage with your brand.

That’s where the team at Fresh Juice Global comes in. We help you connect with your customers on a personal level. They are much more than what your data tells you. These are real people with real dreams, personalities, motivations and emotions. We make sure the experience meets the customer’s needs, it’s user-friendly and most of all fun! We aim to create ongoing brand loyalty. The better the customer experience is, the more your customers are going to buy from you, the more they’re going to tell others about you and the less likely they are to take their business elsewhere. We make sure they don’t have to leave to get what they want from your brand. Our experiences are fitted to each individual store on a local level. We strive to understand who your customers really are, what they experience day to day and what they will want from your brand now and into the future.

After we work in collaboration with you to create your unique in-store customer experience, we will choose the most operationally friendly technology to deliver on that promise. Recently we have driven consumer interaction through gesture-recognition, RFID Sensors, voice recognition and even augmented reality integration. We produce fresh affordable content to distribute and manage through our cloud based system that’s monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This enables holistic control over your digital content. We provide an easy to use web interface for rapid content uploads, scheduling & playback. You are even able to track analytics with our built in data collection, measure your campaign’s effectiveness, and ROI.

FJG collaborates with our clients to create unique in-store customer experiences. We then choose the best operationally friendly technology to deliver on that promise. Then, we have your back with global cloud support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


“I really think FreshJuice’s sponsorship was one of the highlights of the Connection, and definitely one of my favorite parts of it. From the beginning when I reached out, you saw the value and potential of the group we were bringing to the hotel, and jumped on the chance to partner with us – and we are so very glad you did!!

I have a feeling this ended up being a little bit more work than you were anticipating, and we truly thank you for all the extra time, energy and effort that went into getting all of our sponsors, videos, lighting and exposure perfect. I loved seeing everyone’s faces when they saw our logo, next year’s announcement and all the coverage throughout the hotel. The Clients definitely left knowing that if they took an event to this hotel, all the branding opportunities they have at their disposal so I’m confident you will get a return on this. “

“You were fabulous to work with and thanks for working through all of our sponsor changes and additions, it all looked so great onsite and made a huge impact in getting our name and sponsors out there, and making us all shine at this important first event – so thank you!!”


Commercial Integrator Magazine: Top 5 Hotel Market Integrator 2013, 2014