In some previous blog posts, I’ve mentioned the importance of innovation and emotion when it comes to customer experiences.  It is important to remember that innovation is not just referring to technology.  Why?  I believe there are three important practices to create a magical experience for customers, and drive true “heart and soul experiences.”

1. It’s not just about technology…

While technology may be a core competency, it is important for companies to remain true to ethics and principles.  “Conventional tech authorship” is the kind of trend that undermines true and authentic concern for a client and customer. Driving an agenda to simply sell one’s technology is what creates suspicion and raises concern from real enterprise clients.

To be truly successful and create a “company of the future” requires significant effort to remain unbiased about tools and creative techniques.  After all, enabling brand loyalty and customer satisfaction always comes first.  Retail and hospitality are not always attracted to companies that are simply hawking tech for tech sake.

Solutions need to have holistic and courageous views of what it takes to transform the feeling and related performances in stores.  Then companies can succeed in leveraging their best assets, tell amazing stories of the company’s brand or their customers, and can change their customers’ lives in an ethical and benefitial direction.

Take away: Creative, holistic solutions which contain the spark to create emotional moments can totally changes lives without exclusively relying on technology.

2. Acknowledge ideas from every single employee.

No matter how large or small a company is, training and celebrating key players [employees] are the most important component for company growth and ethical attraction to consumers. Once an awesome team of professional and proactive individuals is established, leveraging their ideas is then key for success!

When companies like Google, Apple or Facebook leverage and appreciate the creative talent of their employees, their innovations and results change the world!

Google, for example, designed their campus in California as a creative and interactive environment.  It encourages employees to change their scenery throughout the day by providing bicycles, cafeterias and even game rooms.  Most importantly, Google dedicates one day, every week for every creative employee to design something of his/her own, for the company. These are just a few of the reasons Google was awarded #1 onFORTUNE‘s “100 Best Companies to Work For®” in 2013.  It was also ranked #6 on Glassdoor’s annual “Employees’ Choice Awards, Top 25 Places to Work” in 2013.

Another portal of great ideas comes from bright interns who think outside-the-box and can help create diversity of thought.  By harnessing their energy and passion, it’s possible to create a community of cutting edge ideas.

Why? When a company dedicates time for their staff by acknowledging everyones’ ideas and acheivements, they can grow in infinite ways.  People need to know they have more than just a job.  With the right programs and training, employees are energized because they come to a new understanding – they’re working towards a bigger picture and believe they are part of something incredible.  When employees have the freedom to explore their deep sense of creativity, they’re motivated to simultaneously apply their talent and excitement towards bigger, priority assignments.

Employees then are likely to become brand fans and customers who care!  Think about it.  The happiness and health of customers, clients AND employees will build holistic and successful brand growth, as well as returning business.

Take away: Employees are the fundamental backbone to constructing a great company, and create better experiences for everyone!

3. Consider the wellbeing of customers and your employees in technological innovations.

Pioneering advancements from happy employees leads to better products, designs and overall positive wellbeing for customers.  How?  By building and emphasizing the right platforms to create conscious results and impact customers in positive ways. For example, by designing natural, organic, tactile, AV effects to support stress-free comprehension of a product or service, instead of complicated confusion, people can relax and enjoy the experience.

Another magical part of personalizing innovation is happy employees.  When companies in any industry acknowledge their employees, they understand that they are directly acknowledging their customers and clients.  When staff members understand the importance of enchanting customers and clients through an honest approach of strategy deployment, better results are achieved.

Take away: When customers are treated special and feel that products have been created with their best interests in mind, they are attracted to want more similar, positive experiences.


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