customer experienceJust like all humans, customers want to feel supported and appreciated. Often times how a company makes a customer feel is more valuable than what they are selling. Get Satisfaction compiles data to explain the recipe for the perfect customer experience in the infographic below.

Every interaction with a customer is a chance to gain an advocate for your brand, yet most companies mishandle 80 percent of customer engagement opportunities. Perhaps this is because only 20 percent of companies have a well-developed strategy for customer experience in place.

Social media platforms offer great opportunities to influence potential customers. 71 percent of customers say they’d likely recommend a brand to others when they receive quick responses from that brand on social media. It’s important to create a customer community and listen to their feedback. 64 percent of organizations that offer social customer service say investing in online communities is very important.

Above all, remember to be loyal to those who have been loyal to you. While new customer….

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