magic-mirror-300x244Strategize Magazine Elevating the Brand, The Best 30 Minutes of a Child’s Day’

Thanks to the innovations in A/V media programming, companies like Edwards Technologies & Videro are able to extend the experiences that Disney can provide for their customers.
“We also have a closing ritual, we have celebrations in the store that celebrate birthdays and we celebrate children who get good report cards,” Gainer says. “We really have created, through technology in the store, very quick ways to be able to celebrate different special moments for children.”

After entering the store, visitors are invited to follow the Pixie Dust Trail. Colored blue to create a magical atmosphere, the trail guides visitors throughout the store to see the various attractions, storytelling “neighborhoods” and merchandise. Playing an integral part in the stores’ celebrations and changing with each season, the “magical trees” are a highlight along the trail.

“The trees have projection technology, so not only can we change them for each season, but we can also create content related to what is most current with our popular characters,” Gainer says. “We showed Cars content to coincide with the release of Cars 2, and when the Muppets movie comes out this holiday, we have the flexibility to change the content in the trees at that time. Through technology, we can enhance the mood and experience in the store.”

Also a popular feature of the new store design, the Disney Store Theatre entertains guests with Disney film trailers, film clips, music videos, classic animation and more on a 12-foot-wide curved screen. New content is uploaded on a regular basis, making each visit to the Disney Store fresh and unique. And, the theatre is used for more than just viewing video clips, also acting as a community center where the Disney Store hosts family activities and events like character drawing workshops, storytelling sessions and trivia.

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