Located on Biscayne Bay, the 34icm-story InterContinental Miami has always had a high profile. But the hotel’s backers pumped up the property’s visual volume—both inside and out—by installing 19-story LED “digital canvases” on two of its facades, a Times Square-style LED marquee at its entrance and a series of interactive LCD screens in its lobby.

Overseeing the conguration, installation and content creation for those elements was Fresh Juice Global, a provider of media-based immersive experiences. “The idea was to craft an entry experience at the hotel that would appeal to a younger, more international audience,” says David Schwartz, a media producer at Fresh Juice Global.

That included the creation of the exterior “digital canvases,” which consist of strips of LEDs installed on two of the hotel’s facades that can be programmed to run large-scale animated images, such as the shapes of human gures dancing, along with scrolling text messages. Closer to the ground, a large-scale LED screen has been placed on one side of a marquee incorporated into the hotel’s the porte cochere. at screen can display images and information on local events (and events at the hotel itself, such as wedding receptions).

In the hotel’s lobby, Fresh Juice oversaw the installation of digital art walls consisting of a series of stacked LCDs behind the reception desk, the wall in the elevator lobby and in a series of Y-shaped seating pods scattered throughout the lobby and an adjoining corridor. those screens stream content that includes digital art works by local artists, information about local attractions and live feeds from cameras placed atop the hotel. “The end result is a visually exciting, interactive environment,” says Schwartz.

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